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Cesar Borja Molla’, bodybuilder from Valencia a beatiful city on the coast of Spain, started his sport career as a fighter.
He competed in the Spanish championships in Full Contact and Kick Boxing 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2005, participating at the European Championship of Full Contact in 2004, in the European Championship of Kick Boxing in 2005 and in the world championship in Kick Boxing in 2005.
After this journey he look at his body that naturally was developped so he decided to start a new experience in the bodybuilding world.
He had a quick response so his body allowed him to step on stage very soon.
He became bodybuilding Spanish champion and he was finalist at the amateur Mr. Olympia.
His goal is to get the IFBB pro card and finally step on the Mr. Olympia stage in Las Vegas where the Team that he represent has his base.
He is in fact the lead coach for TEAMCATAPANO Spain and with is passion and motivation he will help other peolpe to get in the best shape.

Personal Training and Meal Planing

He wants to make people good about themselves.

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