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Started lifting weights in her bedroom every night (4/5 times a week) at the age of 25. None of her friends lifted back then, they’d laugh at her. Sometimes if got to her, but she wasn’t stopping…she loved it!
Nobody used to go to the gym then and Jennie didn’t have a clue about the science behind it at the time, she just used to love how it made her feel, that’s why she did it. Jennie struggled a lot with her own self confidence and the weights and training made her feel so much better. It’s quite bizarre that she now do what she do…she also liked the look of defined but nice muscly arms, so Jennie made it her mission to get a pair!

Jennie decided that her next goal was to step on stage and to push herself to get to where she wanted to be to not only to reach her body goals, but for her own self-belief and confidence.

In fact Jennie with hard work and dedication and the support of TEAMCATAPANO reached her goal not only competing but winning several nationals and international bikini shows, like The Patriot Classic in Las Vegas and the Olympia Amateurs.
Jennie’s passion has branched out to achieve results and help other people to be happy in their own body…and from just a competitor she became the lead coach of TEAMCATAPANO in UK!

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He wants to make people good about themselves.

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