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Hi! I'm Gianluca Catapano

I live and work in the warm heart of the world and the birth place of the legendary Olympia, Nevada, Las Vegas. My Passion for bodybuilding came at an early stage in my life, influenced by the greatest and most iconic, who's name still rings as an inspiration throughout the world to this day: Arnold Schwarzenegger. Upon seeing his physique for the first time, I found myself at an obsession. I would not stop, until my physique reflected his, and thus began my bodybuilding journey, though it was not a smooth one. In 2002 doctors informed me that I had a potentially fatal condition, which required the immediate removal of my colon. Complications occurred and large internal bleeding threatened to take my life prematurely. But I survived, and I was determined to strive towards my goal.

In 2003, a watermelon seed perforated my intestine, resulting in severe septicemia, which hospitalised me for 53 days. Resulting in 2 major operations, which almost took my life a further 2 times. This was the biggest challenge I had ever faced on or off-stage. I had survived once and I was certain I could do it again. No matter how tough the battle is, I have, and will always face it head on.

I have cheated death 4 times. But In doing so, I have been able to achieve so much. Winning the European Jr Championships, Mr. Universe, Becoming the youngest European IFBB Pro. Now my passion is my career and I have the chance to help others achieve their full potential too. I now have my own competitive show in Italy: Gianluca Catapano Classic I am not only living, but thriving on the daily gift of life.

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